Our diversified structure as producer and processors, enables us to meet the different needs of our customers, adapting to market trends.

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    For over 50 years Grupo Bona has been involved in the food industry as a producer of wheat, alfalfa, milk and meat.

    Form late 20th century, the group integrated several links of the production chain into the cattle feeding business, forming Ganadera Mexicali, S.A. de C.V. with finishing lost for 44,000 head of cattle. Ganadera Mexicali applies modern production techniques and high quality standards to supply high-value beef to domestic and international markets.


    Also, Ganadera Mexicali participates in a program of strategic alliances with primary producers, supporting them with access to credit through financing models at very competitive rates.

    Grupo Bona has a high sense of responsibility and commitment to the Society and the Environment, having signed agreements for the production of biogas through the use of manure and process waste.


    Our prestige and experience in the business, and a well-structured Supplier Development program, secures high quality raw material availability all-year round, thus assuring the supply to our customers and associates according to a program, to meet their requirements. Additionally, the control of our process allows us to develop attractive markets and promote continuous growth.