Mexicali Capital de la Carne

Baja By The Sea, is an event promoted by SEFOA the first day of August in the port of San Diego, California, in which more than 300 exhibitors were present from all the cities of Baja California; Mexicali, Tijuana, Tecate Ensenada and Rosarito. In which each city promoted their products in different sectors: tourist, hotel sector, producers and others in order to demonstrate what offers their state of Baja California.

Mexicali participated with the project “Mexicali Capital de la Carne” so that people could identify Mexicali as one of the most important cities of quality beef production. Bonapirme, being a proud cachanilla company, and always willing to support and participate in the development of our community, economy and State, contributed in the stand of Mexicali Capital de la Carne. Throughout the event different beef cuts were presented and beef tasting took place so that people could know the quality of beef is produced in the Mexicali Valley. Bonaprime already serves the California market and is recognized for its quality. Great results were obtained thanks to this event held in conjunction with all the cities of Baja California.